Family Promise: Why we love this volunteer opportunity

Family Promise has so much meaning for so many of us. Adults and teens alike always comment that their involvement, whether big or small, has positively impacted their lives forever.  The volunteers from TBE and TBO tell of their experiences in hopes that you will be encouraged to join them as Kol Dorot hosts Family Promise in just a few weeks — March 31 to April 7 to be exact.

Here’s what Family Promise volunteers of our community have to say:

For me as well as for others, participating in Family Promise is not only a mitzvah, but is part of our lives. While we have a core group of volunteers, we always can always use more! We are lucky our Kol Dorot community remains dedicated to hosting Family Promise. — Melanie H., a TBO mom

It feels good to help [our guest families] take their minds off of the struggles that they may be going through. Knowing that we are giving them a place to help them get them back on their feet is rewarding and heartwarming. — Adam W., a TBE teen

As someone with young children, I personally feel it is important to show them how we can and should always help people. I simply explain that there are families who need some help, and we are going to keep them company. — Jamie G., a TBE family

The night my 18-year-old son and I spent at TBO in support of Family Promise was a night of connections. We connected with the two families that TBO was hosting and their young children in particular; we connected with our temple community, as we did our very small part in a much bigger community initiative; and we connected with each other as we stayed up into the wee hours discussing the philosophical and practical issues raised by the very real challenges faced by so many in our area. Our family looks forward to volunteering again this year when TBO opens its doors in support of Family Promise. — Dan R., a TBO father & son

We just heard from this year’s Family Promise co-chairs, Nancy Gross and Wendy Weiss, that our Kol Dorot community will again have an opportunity to host Family Promise this spring (May 5 – 12). Our goal is to help ensure that our host families feel welcome, safe and comfortable. Please visit our SIGN UP SHEET to volunteer!

As proud Family Promise volunteers, we’re looking forward to two amazing weeks of giving back to our greater Bergen County community. We hope you will join us!


Jamie Steinberg
Social Action Committee co-chair