Our Name

Like the Jews of 60 years ago, we realized it was time to lay down roots for the many generations to come in our future. We are Kol Dorot, the voice of generations. The voice of the past and the voice of the future. To provide the vision and voice to transform the way people connect to Judaism in Northern Bergen County.

The definition of Jewish families has changed dramatically over the years. With a growth in the number of interfaith partners, and with the infusion of technology in our homes, schools and work lives, we realized it is time to take a new look at how Jews are living and practicing their Judaism in our modern world.

Our community is a progressive, Reform group with strong ties to our tradition. We are building a new Jewish home with innovative programming to create real Jewish meaning and purpose.

This means creating a community, where those who are spiritually engaged will find new bonds. And those who are still seeking, will find tolerance and inclusion. Interfaith families will be welcomed, feel 100% part of our community, and be partners in the future of Judaism in Northern Bergen County.

It’s not just a new building. It’s not just a merged community. It is a transformative way of living a Jewish life that engages families at the time their children walk into our nursery school — and continues throughout the religious school years, and beyond the bar or bat mitzvah when they raise their teenagers and send them off to college.

Our vision is to create a community that engages millennials who have a very different perspective on religion, affiliation and membership relationships, while at the same time, creating a nurturing and supportive community for the empty nesters.

And when our children become adults and bring their own children back to our Jewish home, then it will not be just for a visit — it will be a community that was built with their voice, their future in mind. Their KOL DOROT.


The designs below provide a range of stylized text to visualize the name. None of these are intended to be the final logo yet…