Kol Dorot Education Program 2019-2020/5780


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Grades K-2: Building Blocks of Jewish Identity

  • Meet weekly on Sunday mornings, 9-11am.
  • Kid-friendly, engaging, fun activities.
  • Introduces the Jewish year, Bible stories, and the Alef Bet. Includes music and prayer experiences.

Grades 3-7: Two-Part Program

Part 1: Hebrew, Music, & Prayer — All Students

    • Meet weekly on Sunday mornings, 9-11am.
    • New Hebrew program: self-paced, individual and small group instruction.
    • Participatory prayer and music experiences.

Part 2: Jewish Life — Choose One of Two Options

Tuesday Afternoons, 4-6pm

      • Classes divided by grade level.
      • Build relationships and consistent synagogue experiences.
      • Afternoon divided into two periods:
        • Core Class – Jewish Life topics, including holidays, history, Israel, values, and more.
        • Electives (Chugim) – Great variety of topics and formats, such as: cooking, art, music, drama, science, Jewish STEM, etc.


      • Flexible, family-directed program.
      • Students will be provided with a large menu of thematic and age-appropriate Jewish experiences and required to complete learning goals as coordinated individually per student.
      • Meetings with staff keep students on-track.
      • Peirot track students are eligible to enroll in Tuesday electives (Chugim) as part of their learning.

For any questions about the program or to discuss your family’s specific needs, including scheduling concerns, please contact Kol Dorot Educator Anat Katzir at 201-664-7422, anat@koldorot.org.

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