The Rummies Recap

Did you miss the Kol Dorot mixer last Thursday evening? Read a recap told by a member whose husband stayed home.

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Hi sweetheart! I’m home! Oh my…You look like you’re half asleep over there on the couch.
Well, I am but waited up for you.
How was the Kol Dorot mixer?
Do you really want to know? I don’t want to make you feel bad, sweetheart, but I’ll tell you since you asked. Well, YOU MISSED IT. Big time. Granted, the band was loud but absolutely FANTASTIC. The evening was completely reminiscent of college and the early post-college days. Pure fun on and off the dance floor.
I remember those days!
You should have seen this pistol of a lady — probably in her early 80s — who was cuttin’ a rug with her husband while The Rummies played some classic rock song from the ’80s. Anyway…I chatted, of course, with those who we know from temple. But I also made an effort to meet some new faces. What lovely people! Great turnout from both Beth El and Beth Or. And the food…
Let me guess, milk and cookies?
Ha ha. There were all sorts of appetizers that preceded the dessert selection — all delicious. Someone made this authentic Mexican appetizer. I think her name is Sarah Jane. I would love to know who made that dense chocolate cake sprinkled with powered sugar. Yum! And the beverage selection? Wow. Impressive variety. And that guy’s signature pineapple concoction was spectacular. Oh, it’s nearly midnight. We should really get to bed. But before I forget, I must mention one thing. I heard some guys say they want to start a regular Kol Dorot poker game. That’s right up your alley!
Yes, my love, it is.
Thanks for telling me.
I suppose we’ll learn more
about that and other Kol Dorot
activities after the holidays.
Speaking of holidays…It’s time for Chanukah already. And Friday is the special Chanukah Shabbat. That’s always such a beautiful service.
It’s early this year…
But not early enough to make it
another Thanksgivukkah.
When is that supposed to happen again? Hey, Google…